in the possible scenarios of the future who are the artists and what might they make?
art history of the future
Sourced from science fiction novels, short stories and films this timeline charts the future of art. >MORE
Searching for a speculative art >MORE
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Phillip Johnson & Gareth Owen Lloyd. 8'00'' scifi set in Joburg. 2013
MoreUtopia! / A Proposal
14’18”, 2012 >MORE
A Proposal
Installation views, November 2012
A Proposal
Installation views, November 2012
2012, Film and mobile phone screen exposures on medium format slide film >MORE
Skynet, instalation
Futures Wheel (a way of organising thinking and questioning about the future)
2012, DVD player (playing a video of augmented reality software and gloves), photographic paper, HD LCD screen. > VIDEO
Digital collage, >web project and an edition of >25 glicee prints
This Future
2011, Augmented reality software, webcam, HD LCD screen, photographic paper, mirror ball motor, steel wire. >VIDEO
Severely Mediated Virtuality
2011, Installation. (with Joseph Popper) >VIDEO
Splash/ Flowerbox/ Starfield/ Splash
2011, mobile phone video/ image projection on photographic paper, mdf, aluminium.
2010, DVD player, phosphograms, 2 x 1 m sheet of glass (smashed), LED lights, mirror card. (with Joseph Popper) >MORE
Dark Stars
2010, phosphogram (glow in the dark stars) on B/W photographic paper
Solar Tree
2009, photograms, wood, glass, chrome paint.
The Eyeglass
2009, photograms, fotoclips, screws
Miura Celestograph
2009, scan of a photogram
Television Tower
2008, Steel, glass, projector, dvd player, cable