Futures Wheel (a way of organising thinking and questioning about the future)

2012, DVD player (playing a video of augmented reality software and gloves), photographic paper, HD LCD screen.

The cube like object resting on the screen is a rhombic dodecahedron; following the mathematical logic of 1st 2nd 3rd dimensions (line, square, cube) the rhombic dodecahedron would be the 3 dimensional shadow of the 4th dimensional hypercube (similar to how a hexagon would be the shadow of a cube). The object in augmented reality is an extruded model of a futures wheel. A futures wheel is a corporate diagrammatic tool for organising thinking and questioning about the future. The video on the LCD screen is of a pair of white-gloved hands exploring the object in augmented reality; in real time a computer reads the markings on the object’s surface and places fragments of the 3d futures wheel onto the corresponding virtual space.